ASI Standard Public Consultation Draft 0 Documents


ASI Standard Public Consultation on Draft0 Documents

Draft0 of the ASI Performance Standard went through the first public consultation which has concluded (1 February- 29 March 2014). Draft0 and the comments received on it have been summarized and made available below.

Draft0 Consultation Synopsis
Synopsis English (pdf)
Standard Draft0 TextReview form
Draft 0 English (pdf)Consultation on Draft0 is now closed.
Draft 0 Français (pdf)La period de consultation sur le Draft0 est terminée.
Borrador0 Espagñol (pdf)El período de consulta para el Borrador0 ha terminado

Note: The public consultation on Draft0 is closed – i.e. the comment period on Draft0 is closed.
IUCN and the other participating organizations do not take any responsibility for errors or omissions occurring in the translation into other languages of Draft0 whose original version is in English.