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Environment concerns or efficiency concerns? Why compromise? CIR Technologies offers patented solutions improving aluminium smelters performance such as the world first functioning anode coating reducing air reactivity: OXYCIR.

CIR also propose RefraSeal. It creates an effective membrane refraining cryolitic bath to penetrate the refractories and insulation layers. Let’s imagine the numerous possibilities these solutions can bring. They open a new world of possibilities in cell designs and operations, let’s explore them and come change the world with us!

“We’re pleased to become a General Supporter ASI Member as our organisations share the common goal of improving the environmental performance of aluminium smelters.

CIR Technologies’ solutions — RefraSeal and OxyCIR — are the most significant breakthrough to improve efficiency and environmental performance in the Hall-Heroult process since the introduction of baked anode.

In this way, we believe that the innovations from technology companies like ours can make a significant contribution to progress sustainability in the aluminium supply chain.”

– Claude Allaire, P.Eng, Ph.D., President of CIR Technologies