MYTILINEOS S.A. Metallurgy Business Unit

MYTILINEOS S.A. Metallurgy Business Unit

Join month: November 2019

MYTILINEOS is one of Greece’s largest industrial companies with a long track record of successful international growth in the sectors of Metallurgy, EPC & Infrastructure and Electric Power & Gas Trading. As a responsible industrial company, MYTILINEOS strives for constant business excellence, while balancing economic growth with sustainable development. Established in Greece in 1990, the Company is listed in the Athens Stock Exchange.The Metallurgy sector has a consolidated turnover of more than €0.6 billion.

Having completed one of largest private-sector investments ever to be carried out in Greece, MYTILINEOS has been established as one of the strongest players in the Metallurgy sector in the European Union. Today, MYTILINEOS owns the largest vertically integrated alumina and aluminium production and trading plant in the European Union and, together with its mines, is able to drive the growth of the national and European economy as well as the country’s periphery. It is the second largest bauxite producer in Greece and in Europe, with an annual production of 650,000 tons of bauxite exclusively from underground mines. Currently, the Metallurgy Business Unit employs directly nearly 1.100 people.

Sustainable Development is a top priority for MYTILINEOS and it’s expressed through responsible production of bauxite, alumina and aluminium as well as an ongoing self-improvement and incessant learning process aimed at increasing our positive impact on the greater society. For us, joining the ASI represents a creative challenge and a solid commitment, fully aligned with the vision of the European Union, to move swiftly towards carbon neutral production.

–  D.Stefanidis, General Manager, Metallurgy Business Unit, MYTILINEOS S.A


Performance Standard V2 (2017) Certification scope:
  • Mytilineos S.A. - Metallurgy Business Unit (Greece), including: Bauxite mining activities of Delphi Distomon site; Refining, smelting and casthouse activities at the Aluminium Of Greece Plant; Port Facilities at the Aluminium of Greece Plant; and, Mytilineos corporate headquarters in Athens.
Audit scope supply chain activities:
  • Bauxite Mining
  • Alumina Refining
  • Aluminium Smelting
  • Aluminium Re-melting/Refining
  • Casthouses