Registered Specialists

Registered Specialists may be commissioned by a:

  • Member (or an Entity) to support the development and/or implementation of the Entity’s systems and processes required by the ASI Standards; or
  • An Audit Team to advise the Lead Auditor and Individual Auditors regarding the planning, execution and/or follow-up activities for an ASI Certification Audit.

The roster of registered specialists is given below, and will continually be updated as new specialists are registered. They are presented below in no particular order (latest update: 20.04.21). See disclaimer below.

Disclaimer: Though applications for registered specialists have been received and vetted, these are provided as information. ASI disclaims any and all liability, including any express or implied warranties, whether oral or written, for such third-party services. By using the services of the named registered specialists above, users acknowledge that no representation has been made by ASI as to the fitness of the third-party services for the user’s intended purpose.