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ASI Performance Standard development history

ASI Performance Standard:
Versions and development history

ASI Performance Standard and Performance Standard GuidanceSecond Consultation (2017)

Draft Version 2 (2017)

A draft of the ASI Performance Standard Version 2 was developed for the 2017 public consultation with the ASI Standards Committee that includes minor updates aimed at integrating it into the broader ASI certification program and the pilot phase.  See the ASI Standards 2017 Consultation Plan Feb2017 for the public summary of the minor revision and consultation plan, which was published for comment in Q1 2017.

The Log of Comments from the consultation process, first posted in August 2017, was updated in November 2017 to include a summary of how ASI has responded to each comment.

Stakeholders are able to review in detail how ASI’s normative documents have been improved through the more than 330 questions and suggestions put forward during the consultation.

Topics garnering significant discussion within the Standards Committee have included approaches to biodiversity and mining under the ASI Performance Standard, and the design of the ASI Credits model under the Chain of Custody Standard and allowable claims. These and other substantive topics, such as GHG, Material Stewardship and Human Rights will continue to be active areas of discussion through Working Groups from 2018 onwards.

Final Version 1 (December 2014)

The approved and published Version 1 of the Performance Standard was launched in December 2014 in the following languages:

The ASI standard-setting process for the ASI Performance Standard, now published in 8 languages, was based on public multi-stakeholder consultations and face-to-face meetings of the ASI Standard Setting Group.   It was co-ordinated by IUCN, International Union for the Conservation of Nature and an overview of their role can be found here.  More information on the standard setting process and timelines can be found here.

Between 1 February and 29 March 2014, the first public consultation phase was held to obtain feedback on the ASI Performance Standard Draft 0. The comments were compiled and used in the preparation of Draft 1.

From July 14 through 7 September 2014, a public consultation was held for the ASI Performance Standard Draft 1 and the Chain of Custody Standard Draft 1.

The draft documents are presented below, for information purposes.

Consultation on ASI Performance Standard Draft 1

Draft 1 Text (pdf) Performance Standard Review Form (doc)
Draft 1 English (pdf) Review Form for Draft 1 (doc)
Draft 1 Français (pdf) Formulaire de revision - Français (doc)
Borrador1 – Spanish Version (pdf) Formulario de Revisión – Spanish Version (doc)
Versão preliminar 1 – Portuguese Version (pdf) Formulário de Revisão – Portuguese Version (doc)
ASI表现标准一稿 – Mandarin Chinese Version (pdf) 欢迎使用ASI表现标准一稿审阅表 – Mandarin Chinese Version (doc)
Rancangan1 – Bahasa Indonesia Version (pdf) Formulir Ulasan – Bahasa Indonesia Version (doc)

Summary of Comments on ASI Performance Standard Draft 1

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Consultation on Chain of Custody Standard Draft 1

COC Standard Text Review Form
Draft COC English Review Form Draft COC English

Summary of Comments on Chain of Custody Draft 1

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Consultation on ASI Performance Standard Draft 0

Standard Draft0 Text Review form
Draft 0 English (pdf) Consultation on Draft0 is now closed.
Draft 0 Français (pdf) La period de consultation sur le Draft0 est terminée.
Borrador0 Espagñol (pdf) El período de consulta para el Borrador0 ha terminado

Synopsis of Comments on Draft 0

Note: IUCN and the other participating organizations do not take any responsibility for errors or omissions occurring in the translation into other languages of Draft1 whose original version is in English.

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