The path to ASI Standards’ launch

ASI is on track to launching the Performance and Chain of Custody Standards, supporting and normative documents, and assurance platform by end 2017. Over the past year, ASI has initiated and concluded several critical steps along the path to launch, which are described below.

At this time, the ASI Secretariat wishes to acknowledge and thank all the individuals,  representatives of members, IPAF members, and members of the Standards Committee who contributed their knowledge, passion and energy to the process of developing and finalising the ASI Performance and Chain of Custody Standards. The final product is a testament to the aluminium community and its commitment to fostering a more sustainable and responsible aluminium value chain.

One more step on the path

The final step before launching the ASI Standards and opening them up for certification is their approval by the ASI Board of Directors, at a meeting to take take place in early-December.

[Completed] September-November: Standards Committee to discuss all feedback

From September through November, all the inputs from the 2017 consultation round were discussed, debated and decided by the Standards Committee, with a view to having all the necessary elements ready for adoption of the final standards in December 2017. Minutes of the Standards Committee meetings are publicly available. The final log of ASI’s responses to the comments and questions received during the 2017 consultation are also available.

[Completed] Conformity assurance body (CAB) accreditation process implementation

Opening up the ASI Standards for certification hinges on many elements, one of them being the human resources to be able to undertake the certification audit on the ground. ASI reached out to many CABs throughout October and November and has accredited one CAB so far, with others on the way. The list of accredited CABs will be continuously updated as more CABs come on board. A listing of registered specialists, who can assist and support members on specific conformance issues, is under preparation.

[Completed] July-September: Assurance platform piloting phase

From July through September 2017, ASI members and invited participants will have access to the online ASI assurance platform, named “elementAl“. The piloting phase will not only enable participants to familiarise themselves with the platform, but also allow members to start to fill in some details of their self-assessment, and generally move toward the process of certification. Feedback will also be sought from piloting phase participants on their experience with the elementAl platform. A series of webinars is being rolled out to give insights into the platform and its functionalities.

[Completed] July: Indigenous Peoples Advisory Forum meeting

In addition to the consultation phase feedback and results from the assurance platform piloting phase, the Standards Committee will also take into account the outcomes of a meeting of the Indigenous Peoples’ Advisory Forum (IPAF) . The meeting, in late July in Nhulunbuy (Gove), Northern Territory, Australia, will enable IPAF to discuss the Standards programme and normative documents, among other agenda items.

[Completed] May-June: Public consultation on ASI Program normative documentation

The 60-day public consultation period for review and comment on the draft ASI Standards and normative documents has now ended. ASI thanks all those who took the time and made the effort to send in feedback and comments.

Overview of comments

  • By document: Performance Standard:40%; Performance Standard Guidance: 26%; CoC Standard: 11%; CoC Standard Guidance: 4%; Assurance Manual: 9%; Claims Guide: 6%; Fact Sheet: 2%; General comment: 2%
  • By comment: General clarifications: 30%; Specific feedback: 67%; Editorial comments: less than 3%

2017 Consultation documents

The documents are provided here strictly for informational purposes. Please do not send any further comments.

Additional Insights

Stakeholders can gain additional insights into the ASI Standards Program via several additional means. First, stakeholders can watch a short overview webinar of the consultation documents and process, or consult the related ppt slides. An Overview document details the consultation documents. Last, a recorded webinar (from 24.5.17) does a deeper dive into the documents, the proposed changes from previous versions of the documents and touches on the pilot phase.

ASI Performance Standard

ASI’s Performance Standard covers critical issues for the entire aluminium value chain including biodiversity management in mining, indigenous people’s rights, greenhouse gas emissions, waste management and material stewardship.

  • The current approved ASI Performance Standard (Version 1) was published in December 2014. It was developed with a multi-stakeholder Standard Setting Group, comprised of interested parties with a broad representation of interests in the key issues addressed by the standard. The International Union for Conservation of Nature (IUCN) acted as coordinator of the standard-setting process.
  • A draft of the ASI Performance Standard Version 2 has been developed with the ASI Standards Committee for comment in 2017. It includes minor updates to integrate the ASI Performance Standard into the broader ASI certification program, and is not intended as a major revision of the broad intent or scope of the Standard’s performance requirements. Changes include:
    • the rebranded ASI template design
    • an updated introductory section
    • an expanded glossary of definitions
    • the performance criteria reviewed and restructured for clarity and auditability, and
    • accompanying Guidance chapters to support interpretation and implementation.

Relevant Links

ASI Chain of Custody (CoC) Standard

ASI’s Chain of Custody (CoC) Standard aims to link responsible production with responsible sourcing and support increased emphasis on sustainability in procurement practices. The primary purpose of the CoC Standard is to drive implementation of the performance requirements defined in the ASI Performance Standard.

  • A draft 3 of the Chain of Custody Standard and accompanying Guidance was published for comment from October to December 2016. All stakeholder comments received were logged and published on the ASI website, along with ASI’s responses, as well as a summary report analysing key topics for analysis by the Standards Committee.
  • As a result, draft 4 of the Chain of Custody Standard, plus accompanying Guidance has been developed. Changes since draft 3 which respond to stakeholder input are highlighted with track changes in both documents.

Relevant Links

ASI Assurance Manual

ASI’s Assurance Manual sets out the principles, procedures and objectives for the assurance model that supports ASI Certification. It is for use by ASI Members and ASI Accredited Auditors when carrying out activities and responsibilities associated with ASI Certification, and will be publicly available.

The Assurance Manual has been developed with the ASI Standards Committee and a draft made available with this consultation to provide the relevant context for the ASI certification program. It covers:

  • The overall process for achieving ASI Certification
  • How Members perform an initial Self Assessment to prepare for an Audit
  • How Accredited Auditors conduct independent third party Audits to assess Conformance with ASI Standards
  • General principles for conducting effective Self Assessments and Audits.

A separate Fact Sheet has been produced to give an overview of how ASI Certification Scope and Membership Classes intersect through the applicability of individual criteria in ASI standards as defined by the relevant supply chain activities.  It is an extract from the ASI Assurance Manual (Chapter 4 – Certification Scope).  ASI welcomes questions and comments on this aspect of its program design, as part of the consultation.

ASI Claims Guide

ASI’s Claims Guide sets out the rules and supporting guidance for the types of claims made regarding ASI Certification and Membership. The Claims Guide has also been developed with the ASI Standards Committee and a draft made available to provide context and to seek feedback and questions from stakeholders and implementing companies.

Specifically, the Guide gives instruction on:

  • Claims relating to ASI Membership
  • Claims relating to the ASI Performance Standard
  • Claims relating to the ASI Chain of Custody Standard
  • Use of ASI Logos and QR Code
  • Monitoring, enforcement and complaints

ASI Fact Sheet on Certification Scope and Membership Classes

This Fact Sheet has been developed to give an overview of how ASI Certification Scope and Membership Classes intersect through the applicability of individual criteria in ASI standards as defined by the relevant supply chain activities.
It is an extract from the ASI Assurance Manual (Chapter 4 – Certification Scope).