ASI’s in-person training program

Within the educationAl learning program, ASI delivers in-person training free of charge to both accredited auditors and ASI members. Interested stakeholders are also welcome to participate* in the training sessions. Meals are included during the training, and where a partner has been confirmed, a site tour of a local operation is part of the training program.

Who should attend?

This training is designed to meet the ASI training requirements for individual auditors from ASI Accredited Certification Bodies, necessary to complete before you can conduct audits in the ASI Certification System. Auditors from Certification Bodies who are accredited, or who are in the process of accreditation, should take advantage of attending this 1.5-day workshop. This workshop will meet the ASI training requirements for auditors, and is valid for a period of two years (renewable with a refresher). Conformity assessment bodies looking at becoming ASI Accredited in the near future may also benefit from the training.

What is covered?

In this interactive session, we discuss:

  • The Performance and Chain of Custody Standards – format, structure and applicability throughout the supply chain
  • Interviewing techniques – how to approach different stakeholders in the audit process
  • Audit sampling – how much is enough and how do you know when you’ve hit it
  • Harmonisation between the ASI system and other certifications – when you don’t need to audit a criteria
  • Evaluating Conformance – major, minor, not applicable and the implications of each
  • Maturity Ratings – when and how to evaluate a company’s maturity and how it impacts the audit
  • ASI Claims Guide – an understanding of what claims regarding ASI certifications are allowed

Presentations and exercises provide a comprehensive overview of the ASI Certification system, and there is ample room in the agenda for discussions, so come prepared with questions.

2019 training schedule

The schedule for the 2019 in-person training sessions is being finalised, with the details as they currently stand indicated below. Mark the dates in your calendar and please get in touch with Krista West, Director of Learning to confirm your participation as soon as possible — sessions may be cancelled if a minimum level of participation is not attained**.


MonthDatesPlaceAudiencePartnerAdditional details
April8Montreal, CanadaMembers
April9-10Montreal, CanadaAuditors
April24-25Alumínio, BrazilMembersCBA
April25-26Alumínio, BrazilAuditorsCBA
May7-8Beijing, ChinaAuditors
May9Beijing, ChinaMembers
June3NorwayMembersbefore ASI AGM

* training participants that are neither accredited auditors nor members will be charged a 100 USD fee to attend the in-person training sessions.

** the minimum number of participants for a training session to take place is 10.