Fabiana di Lorenzo

Due Diligence Manager, Levin Sources

Fabiana has more than 10 years’ experience in supply chain due diligence; political risk; human and labour rights; and internal audit. She has experience in developing and supporting implementation of due diligence systems, helping companies mitigate and remediate risks and address child labour and forced labour risks in their supply chains.

In 2017, Fabiana advised the European Commission on the design of a comprehensive support system on due diligence for small and medium-scale enterprises SMEs.

She is leading the development of a series of cutting-edge publications on risks associated with minerals that fuel the so-called ‘green economy’ – electric vehicles, solar panels, and wind energy.

Before working for Levin Sources, Fabiana worked in West Africa and she later on managed global projects and training on the advancement of the ILO conventions (covering child labour, forced labour, freedom of association and right to collective bargaining; elimination of discrimination).

Fabiana holds a PhD in Law on Human and Labour Rights and Business, an MA in Law with a focus on organised crime, terrorism, and corruption; and an MA in International Relations and Human Rights.