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Standard Setting Process – SSG

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The first ASI standard-setting process was initiated by IUCN, based on public multi-stakeholder consultations and face-to-face meetings of the ASI Standard Setting Group.

The Standard Setting Group (SSG) was convened by IUCN to develop the ASI Performance Standard. With a balanced representation of industry and non-industry stakeholders, the SSG met periodically to review the various drafts of the Standard and any comments received during the public consultation periods.

The main responsibility of the SSG members was to contribute their expertise on all sustainability aspects of the ASI Standard and mobilise their networks of organisations and experts prior to the SSG meetings and during the two public consultations.

The SSG, through the two appointed co-chairs, also approved the stakeholder outreach programme that was implemented during the two 60-day public consultation periods, and addressed any problems related to the standard-setting process.

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