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International Aluminium Institute (IAI) – Alucycle

Alucycle: aluminium industry data modelling

Would you like to see the demand for, and flow of, aluminium regionally and globally, modelled with historical data and future scenarios?

IAI’s microsite, Alucycle, presents aluminium industry data 1962 to current, plus demand scenarios into future decades, building on a strong history of Material Flow Analysis modelling by the Institute.

The site is interactive and enables regional analysis of the aluminium chain overtime, and even includes recently added scenarios for post-COVID impact. IAI’s Alucycle site can be used by stakeholders to access publicly available aluminium stocks and flows visualisations for presentations, teaching toolkits and policy documents.

ASI – IAI Collaborations

In 2016, ASI and IAI developed a Memorandum of Understanding to underpin collaboration on our efforts to support continuous improvement in the performance of the global aluminium industry and the sustainable use and recycling of its products. Key areas of focus include sharing measurement, reporting and verification frameworks, selected industry data and issues monitoring capabilities on, among other things, the sector’s greenhouse gas emissions, water and energy use, waste and risk management.

The collaboration is expected to enhance efficiencies for both organisations and their respective members by supporting common approaches where relevant, and pooling collective experience and knowledge.