Developing a theory of change is an important step in setting up a standards system, to inform the design of the program and establish ways to monitor and evaluate its impacts over time.

Key elements to consider in developing a theory of a change:

ASI Theory of Change (Version 2)

During 2015, ASI worked on Version 1 of its ‘theory of change’ to define intended long-term impacts, short and medium-term outcomes, and supporting strategies to achieve them.  The ASI Board and Standards Committee discussed an updated Theory of Change during the Board’s strategic planning processes and the Committee’s development of a Monitoring and Evaluation (M&E) Plan, which contains supporting indicators.  Version 2 of ASI’s Theory of Change was adopted by the ASI Board as part of the 2017 Strategic Plan. It is shown below and can be downloaded as a PDF file here.

Below – ASI’s Theory of Changeasi-theory-of-change-v2-november-2016ASI’s Theory of Change will continue to evolve during the development and implementation of the ASI program, and questions and comments are always welcome.

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