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ASI welcomes Sunstone Development Co., Ltd. as new General Supporter member

ASI is pleased to announce that tSunstone Development Co., Ltd. has joined as a General Supporter member, bringing the total number of ASI Members to 192.

About Sunstone Development Co., Ltd.

Sunstone Development Co., Ltd. is one of world leaders and solution providers in the fabrication of carbon product applied for global aluminum smelters with 6 fabrication centers located either close to sea ports or next to our strategic smelter partners with total capacity of 2.52Mtpa in different regions of China.

As a responsible entity, we produce eco-friendly and high-quality carbon anodes with the byproducts from oil refinery (green pet coke) and coal tar refinery (coal tar pitch) following EHS First Practice and sustainable development strategy.

We are fully open to world aluminum smelters (end-users) with our great efforts in continuous improvement on EHS practice, customized product quality and services.

We, Sunstone Development Co., Ltd., are very pleased to join ASI as general supporter and are willing to drive global carbon product applied for aluminum industry to a new level together with our peer fabricators worldwide following the rule and standards set out by ASI.

– Guanghui Lang, chairman of Sunstone Development Co,.Ltd

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