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Driving Change


ASI's program aims to drive collective action on sustainability at each step of the global aluminium value chain

ASI was formed as a multi-stakeholder initiative to drive a global, sector-wide transformation for aluminium.

We believe that taking action at each step of the value chain will maximise the contribution of aluminium to a sustainable society.  Our work spans from bauxite mines and recycled aluminium, right through to downstream use sectors.


ASI’s Standards are a performance and supply chain tool for aluminium specifically designed for implementation across the global aluminium value chain.  They are developed and improved through a rigorous multi-stakeholder process involving producers, users, civil society and Indigenous community representatives.

ASI Certification is backed by a credible assurance program that we carefully oversee.  Qualified auditors must undertake mandatory ASI training and have the relevant sectoral and country experience to carry out ASI audits.  Every third-party audit report is reviewed by the ASI team for alignment with ASI processes.


Low carbon aluminium, human rights due diligence, circular economy, traceability – our program tackles these and more.

ASI’s program covers a full range of ESG issues and aims to keep pace with evolving expectations.  Our standards are designed to help the aluminium sector deliver on the 1.5 degree climate scenario.  We are aligning with the OECD Due Diligence Guidance on Responsible Supply Chains of Minerals from Conflict-Affected and High-Risk Areas.  Beyond the standards, we engage directly with affected communities and collaborate on data, research and other activities.

We are working to continually expand our digital presence and collaborations to support stakeholder processes and decision-making.

ASI has built a robust program to support collective action.

We know these topics can be technical and there are unique risks and priorities for the global aluminium value chain.  This is why we aim to drive change by building capacity to understand, agree and deliver measurable and continual improvements in the global aluminium chain.  Our standards are open source and publicly available to interested parties who want to participate in this global movement for change. We have developed online tools for member and auditor training and ASI certification workflows, as well as sharing data and research.

A growing membership base and implementation enables our aggregate impact to scale.

We welcome you to share our journey.

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