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About ASI

Activities and Plans

During 2022-2023, there are three broad priorities for ASI’s activities.

2022-2023 Activities

ASI’s work program flows from ASI’s Strategy.  During 2022-2023, there are three broad priorities for ASI’s activities.


The Standards Revision and subsequent rollout is a big focus for 2022

The Standards Revision has been a major project for ASI, commencing in 2019 with preparatory work at our AGM in Norway.  The revised Standards documents were launched in May 2022, after an almost 3 year process.

Our activities include:

  • Final consultation period, consensus building, and final decision-making and approvals of the Revised Standards.
  • Launching the revised Standards and implementation rollout with members and auditors, including updates to educationAl and elementAl.
  • Post-Revision work through ongoing Guidance update cycles, particularly on key topics, with the Standards Committee and ad hoc Working Groups.
  • Assurance integrity for a growing Certification portfolio, including transition of existing and new Certifications to the new standards and assurance model.


Growing our focus on Data and Research is also central to our plans

Data and transparency are a key horizon challenge for the aluminium – and all – sectors, and flow through other issues by providing critical insights on issues and progress.

Our activities include:

  • Reframing of ASI’s ‘Monitoring and Evaluation’ program into a broader Data and Research workstream.
  • Projects and research collaborations.
  • Deepening data insights for members, stakeholders and the Secretariat.
  • Local projects supporting and related to ASI’s Indigenous Peoples Advisory Forum (IPAF), as part of a new Beyond Certification workstream.


Engagement and alignment continues to be important

In the context of an ever more complicated landscape of standards and initiatives, connections and capacity remain critical to our success.

Our activities include:

  • With stakeholders and partners, benchmarking and harmonisation activities, financial sector engagement, downstream engagement.
  • Membership and governance, including member growth and onboarding, corporate governance, organisational management.
  • Team development, including growth, internal matrix structure, and culture and wellbeing strategies.



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