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Responsible sourcing

ASI Certification provides a whole-of-supply-chain platform for the responsible sourcing of aluminium.

Responsible sourcing and the role of ASI Certification.

Do you know if there are risks in your aluminium supply chain?

Are you looking to consciously source for material produced with positive environmental, social and governance performance?

To source responsibly, companies need to understand how their own business practices and those of their suppliers may be affecting people and the environment. Companies must understand the social and environmental risks within these areas, and take steps to limit these risks.


Downstream users of aluminium create drivers for responsible production and sourcing through their procurement approach.

Companies that buy aluminium can use their procurement decisions to source responsibly.  ASI provides its members with a comprehensive standards and assurance platform that can reach end-to-end in aluminium supply chains.  It is focused specifically on the full aluminium life cycle, and issues that are most material to this sector.

Start the conversation with your suppliers and customers and communicate your responsible sourcing goals with respect to key sustainability issues for aluminium:  climate, circularity, nature-positive and human rights.


More than 250 organisations have signed up to support responsible sourcing of aluminium using ASI Certification.

Using ASI Certification to support responsible sourcing is a way to draw value from a large multi-stakeholder effort. It links into a common, global approach that hundreds of organisations and growing have signed up to support.

Companies that source aluminium can join ASI for themselves too, not just their supply chain.  Downstream users of aluminium can join ASI as either an ‘Industrial User’ or ‘Downstream Supporter’, and change membership class at any time.

Industrial Users have a commitment to certify at least some part of their business within a certain timeframe.  That could be the whole business, a subsidiary, one or more operating facilities, or a product or program that contains aluminium.  This flexibility extends further:  ASI Certifications can also be expanded in scope and number over time.

Downstream Supporters have no certification commitment for themselves.  Companies can place their focus on working with their aluminium supply chains, supported by ASI’s Certification program and broader expertise.  They can roll out responsible sourcing requirements for suppliers with the benefit of ASI’s comprehensive approach.


Develop your strategy for sourcing aluminium responsibly with ASI, building on ASI’s Performance and Chain of Custody Standards in your supply chains.

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