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Getting Certified

Recognition by other Standards/Schemes

Benchmarking and harmonisation activities are increasingly relevant in the context of proliferating standards, initiatives and due diligence regulations.

How do different Standards recognise each other?

ASI recognises relevant external Standards and Certification Schemes wherever possible and appropriate, in order to enhance collaboration, reduce unnecessary duplication, and inform ASI’s learning and continual improvement.

ASI also seeks to be recognised by external Standards and Schemes to increase uptake of ASI membership and certification, particularly by Entities engaged in activities beyond the aluminium value chain.  This in turn has the potential to improve responsible production, sourcing and material stewardship of aluminium, as per ASI’s mission.

Any Stakeholder, including ASI Members, Standards Committee and/or Working Group participants, Auditors, and other Schemes, can identify and propose Standards and Certification Schemes for potential benchmarking with the ASI Standards and Assurance program, and for ASI to be benchmarked by external Standards and Schemes. Please email

For more information, please see the ASI Standards Benchmarking & Recognition Procedure.


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