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What is ASI Aluminium?

ASI Aluminium is metal that has been produced and sourced – from its mined or recycled source and through each step in the value chain – in accordance with ASI’s Standards.

ASI Aluminium is responsible aluminium sourcing in action.

The aluminium in an ASI labelled product corresponds to an equivalent mass of ASI Aluminium produced by an unbroken chain of ASI Certified Entities through the supply chain.


ASI is the only responsible sourcing program that addresses practices along the full aluminium chain.

This includes upstream production right through to downstream use sectors, such as packaging, transport, construction and engineering.

If you see the ASI Certified logo on your product, it is your assurance of responsible production, sourcing and stewardship of aluminium.

The first on-product use of the ASI Certified label: applicable to the aluminium foil in an aseptic carton, sold in the UK from Q3 2019.

The ASI Standards address both performance (responsible production) and chain of custody (responsible sourcing).

Each of the companies in the value chain for ASI Aluminium have been independently certified against both the ASI Performance Standard and the ASI Chain of Custody Standard.


ASI Performance Standard


  • Governance, business integrity and transparency
  • Material stewardship – recycling and resource efficiency
  • Environment, including GHG, wastes, water and biodiversity
  • Human rights, including supply chain due diligence and rights for Indigenous peoples
  • Labour rights and occupational health and safety

ASI Chain of Custody Standard


  • Chain of Custody Systems
  • What is Eligible for ASI
  • Supply Chain Due Diligence
  • Material Accounting, Documentation and Claims



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