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Getting Certified

Access elementAL

elementAL is ASI’s custom-built online assurance platform.

elementAL: ASI’s online assurance platform

elementAL is ASI’s custom-built online assurance platform. It underpins the entire Certification workflow for both the ASI Performance Standard and Chain of Custody Standard.

ASI members seeking Certification and ASI Accredited Auditors use elementAL to manage self-assessments, audit planning, documentation of evidence and findings, and reporting.

The ASI Secretariat also carry out oversight of submitted audit reports through elementAL, to ensure conformity with ASI’s assurance procedures, before Certifications are issued.

Member Self Assessment demo.

How do I access elementAL

You will need an individual account to access elementAL.

ASI Members in the Production and Transformation and Industrial User classes – which seek ASI Certification – will automatically have login details emailed to their designated elementAL contact.  There is no limit to the number of individual accounts per member, and they can be added on request.  All additional user account requests for ASI Members will be confirmed with the designated elementAL contacts.

Individual Accredited Auditors will also receive elementAL access and login details on successful completion of their mandatory training and competence assessments.  Support personnel can also be given an account for access but cannot carry out auditing activities unless accredited.

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Data management and security

The elementAL platform is hosted on Knack.  ASI has implemented the following app features in the design and development of elementAL:

  • Password Protection: Only authenticated users can access elementAL.
  • Password Encryption: All user passwords are double encrypted and hashed with a salt, which prevents dictionary attacks and adds an extra layer of security.
  • Roles & Permissions: Roles and permissions are defined for each user, restricting access at the individual page level.
  • Record Level Security: Each logged-in user can only access the records that are connected to them.
  • Version Tracking: Edit history logs, for the elementAL dashboards, the Knack builder, and the API, are retained for 3 months and viewable in the Knack builder.
  • Secure Files: Files are stored behind logins so only authenticated users can view and download those files.


elementAL Help Desk

The elementAL Help Desk is available to provide you with support within the platform.  There is also an “FAQ” section for answers to previously asked questions by other elementAL users.


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