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Getting Certified

elementAL Public Dashboard

The Public Dashboard provides database-level access to ASI Certification data that previously was only published in PDF form and is automatically visible to existing elementAL users.

What is elementAL?

ASI’s custom-built online assurance platform, elementAL, was created in 2017 ahead of the Certification program launch. It underpins the entire Certification workflow for both the ASI Performance Standard and Chain of Custody Standard. ASI members seeking Certification and ASI Accredited Auditors use elementAL to manage self-assessments, audit planning, documentation of evidence and findings, and reporting. The ASI Secretariat also carry out oversight of submitted audit reports through elementAL, to ensure conformity with ASI’s assurance procedures, before Certifications are issued.


The Public Dashboard

In September 2021, ASI launched its new Public Dashboard in elementAL. The Public Dashboard provides database-level access to ASI Certification data that previously was only published in PDF form. The new Public Dashboard is automatically visible to existing elementAL users (ASI Members, ASI Accredited Auditors) when they login.

Interested stakeholders can now create an elementAL Public Dashboard account to access chart-based reporting of published Certification data – the information already available in PDF form. Users can also search for detailed information within that dataset on variables of interest, and download it in spreadsheet format for their own analyses.


How do I get access?

The first step is to create an account on the Public Dashboard. Go to the Public Dashboard page, click ‘Sign up’ and complete the registration form. A confirmation email with instructions on how to log in for the first time will be sent to your email address.



How do I navigate through the functionalities?

We’ve prepared a short overview video that demonstrates the basics.


What data is accessible?

Once logged in, the front page of the Dashboard shows the total of ASI Certifications by Standard. From there, you will find tabs that can drill down into the data for:

  • Performance Standard Certifications
  • Chain of Custody Certifications
  • Both

Within those, you can access records and charts for live data according to different variables, including:

  • Supply Chain Activity
  • Country
  • Principle and Criteria
  • Conformance Rating
  • Current or all Certifications

You can also conduct your own searches for keywords on issues or entities of interest. Click ‘Export’ to download data for further analysis under a Creative Commons licence, which includes a requirement for attribution to ASI.


Why is this useful?

The elementAL Public Dashboard enables all stakeholders to easily access both a detailed and big picture view of the ASI program. ASI anticipates that this will catalyse insights, learning and ongoing improvements for members, auditors and the Certification program as a whole.


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