Thor Tomasson

Thor Tómasson | Chemical Engineer

Thor is a chemical engineer who specializes in providing service for industrial and environmental processes. These include concept and option studies, conducting risk and impact assessments, analyzing legal requirements, including requirements for BAT and HSE.

Thor is approved by the Icelandic Administration of Occupational Safety and Health as an expert to provide consultant service in setting up occupational safety and health programs including occupational risk assessment.

Thor has worked extensively on environmental issues including waste and wastewater treatment, air quality issues and noise, doing environmental compliance audits, and environmental permitting for various industries.

Thor has taught course (both in Icelandic and English) in environment chemistry, environmental engineering, material science, and conducted training on Occupation HSE matters.

Relevant experience

  • Risk assessment
  • GHG emissions
  • Air emissions
  • Water management
  • OHS