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DK Trade AG

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DK Trade is a company engaged in trading of non-ferrous metals. It has a strong focus on the aluminium market where it provides essential trading, logistics, financing and risk management solutions to its clients. DK Trade has a strong customer base in Europe and the Black Sea. DK Trade was founded in 2018 and has since then been growing steadily. In 2020, DK Trade became an accredited partner for a certified low carbon brand of a major producer. Currently, approximately 80% of the aluminium DK Trade sells to their customers are of low carbon brands, where production is based on renewable energy.

DK Trade AG is delighted to be joining the Aluminium Stewardship Initiatives (ASI). The ASI has become the standard for sustainability within the aluminium industry. As an active participant, we believe it is our responsibility to create more impact on environmental and social issues by working together with the ASI and their members, in order to drive the agenda through the value chain.

– Roman Dubach, CEO