Hunter Jobs Alliance

Hunter Jobs Alliance

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The Hunter Jobs Alliance is community and union alliance that is grounded in the local and works with governments and industry to deliver a sustainable, safe, and prosperous future for the Hunter Region in which workers, their families, and the environment thrive.

The Hunter region has powered New South Wales for decades with its vast natural resources and generations of skilled workers. In a time of change, we need to build new sustainable industries and opportunities to ensure the Hunter remains a great place to live for both us and our children.

“Aluminium production provides good jobs and livelihoods for thousands of families in our region of the Hunter, in New South Wales, Australia. As energy technologies, markets and sustainability requirements evolve, it’s critical that stakeholders work together on pathways to navigate these changing demands in the long term interests of workers, communities, the environment, consumers and shareholders.

ASI provides a critical forum to take the opportunities on offer to deliver both the sustainable materials the world requires, and enduring prosperity for local communities participating in the aluminium value chain, and we look forward to playing our role in that mission”.

– Warrick Jordan – Coordinator