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KLIM: Kalina and Lokono Peoples in Marowijne

Join month: July 2019


Member class: Civil Society

Full member name: Kaliña and Lokono Peoples’ as civil society membership from the six Kaliña villages – Christiaankondre, Langamankondre, Pierrekondre, Bigiston, Erowarte and Tapuku; and two Lokono villages – Marijkedorp and Alfonsdorp (KLIM)

KLIM is a Nonprofit Civil Society organisation and our main goal is to have legal recognition of our land Rights and our Traditional Institutions as well as build capacity and awareness among the Indigenous communities. We are currently engaging with the subsidiary of Alcoa, Suralco on rehabilitation of a post bauxite mine area “Wane creek” according to international (ASI) standards.

KLIM is proud to join ASI as a Civil Society member and we are looking forward to learn and work with various Industry in the aluminium value chain and other partners towards respect for the Rights of Indigenous Peoples.”

– Chair KLIM Mr Gunther Jona.