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Regain Materials

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Regain provides sustainable advantages for the aluminium, cement and clay brick industries and for the environment through the safe and economic transformation of smelter waste materials.

Primary aluminium smelters have had a problem with hazards in residual waste materials such as spent pot lining (SPL). A lot of this material has gone to landfill, but it is increasingly difficult to obtain the regulatory approvals for this practice. At the same time, manufacturers in energy­ intensive industries such as cement and clay brick are faced with expectations to improve business performance and reduce greenhouse gas emissions.

Regain generates value for industry and the environment by following the principles of Industrial Ecology – that waste from one industry is food for another. Regain provides aluminium smelters with a safe, sustainable and secure solution for SPL by eliminating the hazards and shipping all of the transformed product to established markets.

Cement and clay brick manufacturers use Regain’s high quality products to achieve significant benefits in production, energy savings and emissions reduction.

At the same time, Regain benefits the community and the environment by stopping transportation and landfill of hundreds of thousands of tonnes of hazardous waste, and by helping to reduce greenhouse gas emissions.