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Slim Aluminium S.p.A.

Join date: February 2019


Member class: Production & Transformation

Slim Aluminium S.p.A. is a vertically integrated plant with cast house, rolling mills and finishing lines, manufacturing flat rolled aluminium products.

With a market presence of over 50 years, Slim has supplied a large number of market- leading companies with products offering a gauge range of 6 µm to 6 mm in soft as well as hard alloys.

Our clients know that we represent our values through our great respect for the environment. Furthermore, the unlimited recyclability of aluminium means that we are able to take material back from customers, thus actively participating in reducing carbon footprint.

The objectives and strategic plan of “Aluminium Stewardship Initiative” perfectly fits with our mission and values. Therefore we are glad to join this association with the aim to receive support and offer our contribution as we believe that as part of a global group we can be stronger in spreading the sustainability of aluminum in all its uses and applications along its whole lifecycle.

(Slim team)


Performance Standard V2 (2017) Certification scope:
  • Manufacture aluminium alloys rolled products by remelting, casting, hot and cold rolling and heat treatments (EA17).
Audit scope supply chain activities:
  • Semi-Fabrication