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TALUM d.d. Kidricevo

Join month: October 2022


Member class: Production & Transformation

Talum is a manufacturer that produces top-quality aluminium products and aluminium alloys and provides a wide range of services for the aluminium industry. With advanced technologies and process digitalisation, we are transforming our production towards the manufacturing of carbon-neutral products and in accordance with principles of a circular economy, we changed the structure of the input material in the direction of increased recycling of various scrap aluminium, thereby reducing our own and the global impact on climate change. We thrive on the creativity and innovation of our colleagues. By the introduction of advanced technologies and tools, we are gradually transforming into a smart factory with a high degree of automation, robotization and digitalisation of processes. It is a working environment that enables employees to have a safe and encouraging environment for personal and business development.

With respect for the green material aluminium, we want, as an ASI member, to further strengthen our role as ambassadors of sustainability.

– Marko Drobnic, President of the Management Board