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Terra Goyana Mineradora LTDA.

Join month: February 2023


Member class: Production & Transformation

TGM operates in mineral research and development, mining, processing and marketing of bauxite. It is one of the largest producers of bauxite in Brazil, responsible for 5.5% of national production.

With operations at the mine in Barro Alto, Goiás, and administrative headquarters in Goiânia, the company has commercial relations in South America, Europe and Asia.

It is responsible for about 200 direct jobs in the municipality of Barro Alto. In addition to being an important generator of taxes and a great promoter of other businesses, TGM invests in initiatives that contribute to regional development and is certified by national and international standards related to health, safety, environmental management and social responsibility.

Joining the Aluminium Stewardship Initiative is one of the most important steps that the company takes in our journey of continuous improvement considering the environmental, social and governance aspects of our operations.

– Reinaldo Noronha, CEO