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12 September 2023

The ASI’s Australian team recently gathered in the picturesque town of Launceston, Tasmania, for an eventful week that brought together colleagues from various states (and territories, for our one Canberran!) across Australia. This annual in-person meeting served as a valuable opportunity to establish a sense of collaboration and bonding among team members. 
During the event, the team embarked on a visit to a small bauxite mine site operated by the local Tasmanian company, ABx. The experience granted the team the chance to see a bauxite mine and its impact on the region. This experience not only enriched their understanding of the industry, but also allowed them to get insight into the practical aspects of bauxite extraction in this unique, small-scale setting. 
A highlight of the event was a visit from Simon Cook, Sustainability Manager at Forico, which owns the forestly lease where the ABx operation is located. His perspectives on sustainable practices and environmental stewardship left a lasting impression on the team, underscoring the significance of responsible resource management in the forestry industry. 
The Launceston gathering mirrored the positive spirit of a recent ASI EU team meeting in Bilbao, where colleagues from Europe, Australia, and China came together. The event in Launceston carried forward the momentum from Bilbao, fostering cross-sectional connections and discussions that were initiated during the European meet-up. 
Throughout the week, the team engaged in a dynamic series of workshops, presentations, and discussions that spanned topics such as assurance, IT and communications workflows, financial and regulatory mechanisms, and more, shedding light on the organisation’s progress and aligning the team for future impactful work.


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