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25 September 2023

In the last two weeks of September, the ASI Board and Standards Committee met in person in Germany and UK respectively.  These multi-day, multi-stakeholder meetings were an opportunity to review progress and plans for 2024 and beyond. 

The Board meeting took place in Singen, Germany from 19-22 September.  The key focus was ASI’s strategy, and this was supported by deep dive discussions on assurance, partnerships, complaints processes and the organisational risk assessment.  Proposals for a periodic update to the ASI Constitution were also discussed ahead of a member information session in October.   

The 2024 Strategy was a key focus for the Board.  Key activities will include launching elementAL 2.0 and associated digital projects, building the ASI standards team and preparing for the next revision cycle, continuing to deepen our work on assurance integrity, continuing to support capacity-building for Indigenous peoples, and building evidence for progress on ASI’s goals. 

The Board and team were kindly hosted for two site visits – one to Constellium and Amcor at their Singen site covering aluminium rolling and extrusion activities, followed by flexible packaging manufacturing.  The other was to StockachAlu in nearby Stockach for a tour of their recycling and casting processes for aluminium scrap and salt slag recycling and aluminium recovery.   

The ASI Standards Committee is meeting in Liverpool UK during the week of 25-29 September.  The objectives include another deep dive on assurance as well as hearing from ASI Accredited Auditors and discuss updates to the Assurance Manual.   

A key focus is to review a draft Entity Level 1.5 Degree Aligned GHG Pathways Method for future endorsement by the ASI Board and incorporation into Performance Standard (PS v3.1.1 Guidance (planned for Q4 2023), along with other PS Guidance updates.  The Committee will also start to scope priorities for the next major Standards Revision (late 2024-2027). 

Novelis are kindly hosting the group for site tours at their Latchford Recycling Works. 

ASI sincerely thanks all attendees for their time and contributions to these critical in-person meetings, and the site visit hosts for their generous welcome and knowledge sharing.


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