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27 June 2023

Fusão Ligas Comércio e Indústria Ltda. (Fusão Ligas) has achieved ASI Performance Standard V2 (2017) Certification at its production unit at João Monlevade, Minas Gerais, Brazil. The company undertakes the management of industrial byproducts, transforming waste (i.e., alumina, slag and sludge from aluminum smelting) into products for use in various industry sectors.

Aluminium Stewardship Initiative (ASI) today announced that Fusão Ligas has been certified against the ASI Performance Standard. The company’s main business area is the recycling and reuse of industrial byproducts, and marketing and exporting the resultant high quality raw materials to various industry sectors.

The ASI Certification program was developed through an extensive multi-stakeholder consultation process and is the only comprehensive voluntary sustainability standard initiative for the aluminium value chain. The ASI Performance Standard V2 (2017) defines environmental, social and governance principles and criteria, with the aim to address sustainability issues in the aluminium value chain. It sets out 59 criteria under the three sustainability pillars of Environment, Social, and Governance, which address key issues such as biodiversity, labour rights, Indigenous Peoples rights, and greenhouse gas emissions.

The independent, third-party audit of Fusão Ligas’ João Monlevade facility was carried out by DNV Business Assurance Services UK Ltd. The audit took place prior to May 31, 2023, thus enabling a Performance Standard V2 certification.

Fiona Solomon, Chief Executive Officer at ASI said, “We congratulate Fusão Ligas for achieving ASI Performance Standard (V2) Certification at its aluminium recycling facility in João Monlevade, Brazil. Efforts are continuously being made in the aluminum industry to find innovative ways to maximize the reuse and recycling of its byproducts, aligning with sustainable practices and circular economy principles. Through its ASI Performance Standard certification, Fusão Ligas Comércio e Indústria Ltda. demonstrates how responsible resource management and circular economy principles can support environmental stewardship both for its own processes and in the broader aluminium value chain.”

– Fiona Solomon, Chief Executive Officer at ASI

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