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20 July 2023

Leichtmetall Aluminium Giesserei Hannover GmbH has achieved ASI Performance Standard V2 (2017) Certification for its remelting, casting and semi-fabrication operation in Hannover, Germany. The company produces aluminium billets primarily from recycled aluminium scrap.

Aluminium Stewardship Initiative (ASI) today announced that Leichtmetall Aluminium Giesserei Hannover GmbH has been certified against the ASI Performance Standard for the production and sales of continuous cast aluminium wrought alloys in various formats. The company’s billets, produced in diameter from 140mm up to 1.100mm are destined for use in a multitude of downstream sector applications, including aerospace, defense, mechanical engineering, construction, ship building, chemical industry and automotive among others.

The ASI Certification program was developed through an extensive multi-stakeholder consultation process and is the only comprehensive voluntary sustainability standard initiative for the aluminium value chain. The ASI Performance Standard defines environmental, social and governance principles and criteria, with the aim to address sustainability issues in the aluminium value chain. It sets out 59 criteria under the three sustainability pillars of Environment, Social, and Governance, which address key issues such as biodiversity, Indigenous Peoples rights, and greenhouse gas emissions.

The independent, third-party audit of the Leichtmetall Aluminium Giesserei Hannover GmbH operation was carried out by DQS CFS. The audit took place prior to May 31, 2023, thus enabling a Performance Standard V2 certification.

We congratulate Leichtmetall Aluminium Giesserei Hannover GmbH on achieving ASI Performance Standard Certification. Recycled aluminium makes an important contribution to the circular economy, including the conservation of raw material resources and dramatically reduced energy consumption. The company’s transition to full Performance Standard certification status exemplifies its drive to also continuously enhance broader sustainability aspects such as social responsibility, ethical practices, and community engagement.

– Fiona Solomon, Chief Executive Officer at ASI

“Recycling is part of our DNA. For 40 years, we have been meeting the highest customer requirements for Hard Alloys for use in very special applications. We achieve this with an overall average input rate of secondary aluminium of 75% – 80% and smelt all our Aluminium with induction, which uses 100% green electricity. Many alloys we can produce from 100% secondary aluminium. We are happy to be part of the ASI community and want to show the industry that Aluminium can be produced very sustainably, right in the middle of Germany, and with the highest possible quality. ” 

– Harm Lange, CFO at Leichtmetall Aluminium Giesserei Hannover GmbH

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