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ASI CoC Standard: Future Directions and Stakeholder Interviews

Latest info: 2023 // Project conducted: 2023

  • Conducted by ASI secretariat. 
  • Initial research enquiry on how the ASI Chain of Custody (CoC) Standard needs to evolve in the future along the evolving stakeholder and regulatory expectations on ‘traceability’.  
  • The primary objective was to understand: 
    • Drivers to obtain and maintain ASI CoC Certification. 
    • Challenges in implementation and auditing of the CoC Standard. 
    • The level of awareness, satisfaction, and perceived value of the ASI CoC Certification. 
    • Implementation of the ASI CoC Certification in practice. 
    • Current and future market and stakeholder expectations. 
  • Information gathered will be used to inform the 2027 revision of the ASI CoC and Performance Standards and related aspects of the Claims Guide. 

The research was comprised of two types of data collection: online video call interviews and online surveys. Summarized feedback received from companies which participated in the research and results of the analysis were included in the internal report, which was presented to the ASI Standards Committee in September 2023. Research participants shared diverse perspectives regarding the current and future ASI CoC Standard, reflecting varied needs, sizes, resources and maturity levels of ASI Members.  

Learnings & recommendations

Through conducting interviews, it became clear that Members are eager to share their ideas and concerns in one-to-one calls, showing their genuine interest in the next stage of development of the CoC Standard. Direct learning from Interviews include:  

  • CoC Certified Entities seek tangible benefits such as regulatory compliance and competitive advantages.  
  • There are aspirations for CoC models in addition to Mass Balance. 
  • Challenges acknowledged include additional investment and resources to develop and implement new systems, supply chain participation, and accommodating different solutions for various industries and regions.

The ASI Secretariat has started internal discussions to decide feasible focus areas aligning with the ASI’s priorities and objectives, and the 2027 Standards revision timeline.  ASI will continue to monitor market and regulatory dynamics, broader projects and activities on traceability, and shifts in CoC Material supply and demand. 

ASI reflections

ASI will continue to work towards building discussions among members and stakeholders with regards to what shape the revised Chain of Custody (CoC) Standard will take in 2027. With such a diverse Membership with different drivers for obtaining CoC Certification as well as different levels of ability to implement the various CoC systems, it will be important to ensure that Members understand the options and implications of different systems.


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