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ASI-CRU MoU bears fruit: ASI Certification data layer integrated into CRU Emissions Analysis Tool

CRU Group (‘CRU’), the global mining, metals and fertiliser business intelligence company and the Aluminium Stewardship Initiative (‘ASI’), the leading certification organisation for aluminium and sustainability, have signed a Memorandum of Understanding on sustainability data integration, with the first concrete outcomes being published today. 

The CRU Emissions Analysis Tool, launched earlier this year, is designed to benchmark greenhouse gas emissions in metals, fertilizers, and mining commodity value chains on a like-for-like basis. Its focus on transparent and comparable asset level sustainability data makes it a powerful tool, but also an appropriate platform for display of ASI Entity certification data.

In collaboration with CRU, under the memorandum of understanding that goes beyond this project to broader sharing of sustainability data, expertise and analytical capacity, ASI has enabled an update to the Tool’s functionality, integrating Performance Standard and Chain of Custody Standard certification status of bauxite, alumina and aluminium smelting assets.

Users of the updated Tool can now access information on assets within ASI certified Entities (including links to published certificates), filter greenhouse gas emissions benchmarking curves by certification status, as well as understand certification along specific supply chains (invaluable information to understand the potential for CoC Material flows today and in the future).

New certifications and re-certifications will be added to the database regularly and ASI will continue to co-operate with CRU as they refine their Tool further.

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