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ASI certifies Rio Tinto’s operations in British Columbia against Canada Performance Standard

Rio Tinto’s ASI Performance Standard certification covers all its aluminium operations in Canada.

Implementation of ASI’s certification program for responsible aluminium along the value chain continues its strong momentum in 2019 with the Performance Standard certification of a Rio Tinto smelting operation in British Columbia, Canada. The Kitimat operations have been added to the scope of the first ASI Performance Standard Certificate initially issued to Rio Tinto in March 2018. Rio Tinto’s ASI-Certified smelters have a combined capacity of around 1,600,000 tonnes per year.

ASI chief executive officer Fiona Solomon said “We applaud Rio Tinto for their continued leadership of the industry on responsible production, as a founding member of the ASI and through bringing certified aluminium to the market.  We look forward to this positive example extending widely with voluntary pickup into downstream aluminium use sectors such as automotive, construction and packaging.”

Rio Tinto Aluminium chief executive Alf Barrios said “We are committed to leading the industry by meeting the highest international production standards and having ASI Certified Aluminium available to our customers globally, to respond to the increasing demand from end consumers for responsibly sourced products.

“This is an essential step to unlock the full potential of aluminium as a key material in our modern world and grow its use in everything from phones to cars and buildings.”

Rio Tinto vice president sales and marketing and ASI Board member Tolga Egrilmezer said “The ASI standards are now starting to be embraced along the value chain, with end users like Audi becoming certified.

“Rio Tinto will be working closely with customers as the pioneer in this space to meet their needs for responsibly produced aluminium.”


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