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ASI launches online learning program: educationAl

ASI is proud to announce the launch of its new online learning program: the ‘educationAl’ webinar series. The series has been developed to provide interested stakeholders with not only basic information about the newly launched ASI Standards and more in-depth knowledge about specific elements and concepts, but also more hands-on, anecdotal input from members already actively involved in the ASI program.

Three content categories

educationAl is composed of fundamentAl, inspirationAl, and conversationAl, each of which bring a different perspective on the ASI Standards and the certification program for responsible aluminium. Check out the educationAl promo video for a quick overview of the series.

Several webinars are already available and many more are planned. The current list of webinars is provided below, and if readers have interest for knowledge in topics that are not listed, additional ideas are welcome. Just send us an email.

fundamentAl series

The fundamentAl series provides a solid overview, while also delving into some essential details on the core elements of the ASI Standards and supporting normative documentation.

inspirationAl series

The inspirationAl webinars dig deeper into specific topics to reveal how the ASI Standards are applied and addressing the relevant issues along the aluminium value chain, or on specific functional elements of the certification program.

  • inspirationAl-1: Performance Standard – FPIC
  • inspirationAl-2: Performance Standard – Biodiversity
  • inspirationAl-3: Performance Standard & CoC – Human Rights
  • inspirationAl-4: Performance Standard & CoC – Due Diligence
  • inspirationAl-5: Performance Standard – Mine Sites
  • inspirationAl-6: CoC – Market Credits
  • inspirationAl-7: CoC – Mass Balance
  • inspirationAl-8: Maturity Ratings
  • inspirationAl-9: Upstream Facilities
  • inspirationAl-10: Downstream Facilities

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