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ASI Standards Committee progresses on key work areas

The newly convened Standards Committee (ASI-SC) met in conjunction with ASI’s Annual General Meeting in Ingolstadt. The meeting was held over 27-29 April 2016.

The ASI-SC includes 9 people who had directly participated in its predecessor — the Standard Setting Group — and 10 people who were new participants. The Committee had very rich and broad discussions, while making significant progress on the work programme, including the establishment of several working groups.

The agenda points are given below, and the full minutes of the meeting are accessible here.

Documents circulated

  • Working Groups – Terms of Reference format – draft 1
  • ASI Standards Setting Procedure – draft 1
  • ASI Assurance Manual – draft 2
  • ASI Claims Guide – draft 1

Meeting objectives

  1. Review Standards Committee governance, objectives and timelines
  2. Resolve to adopt Standards Setting Procedure
  3. Resolve to adopt Working Group Terms of Reference template and establish Working Groups
  4. Discuss ASI Assurance Manual and overall model
  5. Discuss ASI Claims Guide and general Chain of Custody approach/issues

Agenda Items

  1. Welcome and overview
  2. Standards Committee governance, objectives and timelines
  3. Working Groups
  4. Overview of Assurance
  5. Tour of the Audi die-casting facility
  6. Risk / maturity model for assurance
  7. Auditor Accreditation and audit protocols
  8. Claims Guide
  9. Chain of Custody
  10. Group Exercise – Claims and CoC
  11. Closing reflections and next steps

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