ASI Standards Revision

During 2020-2022, ASI is conducting a Standards Revision to review all of the 6 ASI Documents – Performance Standard and Guidance, Chain of Custody Standard and Guidance, Assurance Manual and Claims Guide. The revision will include multiple rounds of consultation, with opportunities for all members and stakeholders to have input.

The revision will provide the opportunity to clarify and improve ASI’s certification program based on:

  • implementation experience and identified improvement areas,
  • stakeholder feedback and evolving expectations, and
  • good practice approaches in certification programs and data governance.

The revised ASI Documents are anticipated to be finalised by May 2022.

Where are we now?

The Standards Committee and the Working Groups are discussing the feedback received during the 60-day consultation. The Revision timeline (below) has been adjusted to give enough time to fully address the nearly 600 inputs received.

What’s next?

After discussion and deliberations are concluded, new versions of the revised documents will be prepared and published for the second and final 30-day public consultation from January 7 – February 6, 2022.

What has happened up to now

First public consultation

March 1 – April 30 2021:  the first 60-day public consultation has ended and we have received a significant number of inputs, so thank you to our stakeholders for taking the time to review the documents and send in your feedback. This will certainly be a firm step forward toward finalising improved versions of the ASI Standards and core documents.

The consultation documents and supporting information is available below for reference.

 IPAF Standards Revision Consultation Report

This report covers consultation with various bauxite mining communities, including countries with a long history of bauxite mining (Guinea and Australia); others where mines have recently closed or are in care and maintenance, and communities that are struggling with post-closure challenges (Suriname and India); and countries which are at the early stages of embarking on major bauxite mining projects (Ghana). It is only through the inclusion of Indigenous People’s concerns that mining companies can contribute to the sustainable development goals and responsible mining initiatives. [French version coming soon.]

IPAF members also discuss their efforts in a recorded webinar, highlighting their important contributions to, and engagement in, ASI standards development.

Overview webinars

Revision documents: 1st Consultation (early 2021)

As part of the kick-off activities for the public consultation period, two overview webinars have been held. The recorded webinars are recommended for stakeholders that are interested to hear focused, high-level information on the most important changes being proposed in the ASI Standards and the accompanying documents.

You can watch the recorded Revision overview webinar (42 minutes) below, as well as a short overview video that captures the highlights (6 minutes).

Recorded revision overview webinar

Short process highlights

February 2021: The draft revision documents were approved by the Standards Committee and passed the antitrust legal review* and were deemed ready to be released for consultation on March 1. Translations of the draft revision documents into French and Chinese was undertaken to facilitate stakeholder feedback in these languages. ASI developed its communications to explain the major changes being proposed.

October 2020: The working groups and Standards Committee are working through the log of comments and making revisions to present to stakeholders for comment in the first consultation period of 2021.

* ASI gratefully acknowledges the contribution of Benoit Keane of Keane Legal in carrying out a pro bono competition law review of the proposed revisions.

September 2020: The Standards Committee has discussed the input received on the Terms of Reference (ToR) document during the open consultation and ASI has now published the final ToR version that will guide the revision process henceforth. The log of feedback received is also available for viewing.

Background information on the Revision

Two webinars were held to discuss the Terms of Reference and the overall Standards revision process. These were recorded and compiled into one webinar, which is available for viewing.