ASI Standards Revision

During 2020-2022, ASI is conducting a Standards Revision to review all of the 6 ASI Documents – Performance Standard and Guidance, Chain of Custody Standard and Guidance, Assurance Manual and Claims Guide. The revision will include multiple rounds of consultation, with opportunities for all members and stakeholders to have input.

The revision will provide the opportunity to clarify and improve ASI’s certification program based on:

  • implementation experience and identified improvement areas,
  • stakeholder feedback and evolving expectations, and
  • good practice approaches in certification programs and data governance.

The revised ASI Documents are anticipated to be finalised by February 2022.

Where are we now?

The Standards Committee has discussed the input received on the Terms of Reference (ToR) document during the open consultation and ASI has now published the final ToR version that will guide the revision process henceforth. The log of feedback received is also available for viewing.

The working groups and standard committee are working through the log of comments and making revisions to present to stakeholders for comment in the first consultation period of 2021.

What’s next?

On March 1 2021, the first drafts of the revised documents will be released for a public consultation period of 60 days.

  • days
  • hours
  • minutes

                until consultation period starts.

Background information on the Revision

Two webinars were held to discuss the Terms of Reference and the overall Standards revision process. These were recorded and compiled into one webinar, which is available for viewing.

How to Participate

Each consultation round will provide interested stakeholders with the opportunity to submit input and feedback to ASI. Instructions for how comments can be made will provided in each case. For each consultation round, a summary of the received comments and ASI responses will be published on the ASI website.

Comments are to be provided in English unless agreed in advance with ASI.

Comments received will be reviewed and taken under consideration by the ASI Standards Committee. ASI will, if appropriate rationale is provided, keep responses anonymous. Responses to comments will be made public and will be shared to those who provided the comment via the ASI newsletter or via a direct email if the respondent does not receive the ASI newsletter.

Who should Participate

ASI welcomes input from the following stakeholder groups during the standards development process:

  • ASI Members in every membership class (Production and Transformation, Industrial Users, Downstream Supporters, Civil Society, Associations and General Supporters)
  • Indigenous Peoples, including through the Indigenous Peoples Advisory Forum
  • Other users, producers and recyclers of aluminium
  • Other civil society organisations, associations and technical experts
  • Aluminium traders and market analysts
  • Aluminium scrap collectors
  • Small businesses
  • Governments and regulators
  • Other standards, schemes and initiatives with an interest in ASI Standards
  • All other stakeholders with an interest in the aluminium value chain.