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29 April 2024

ASI is pleased to announce that Alle Alumínio Ltda has joined as a new Production & Transformation member.

About Alle Alumínio Ltda

Located in Betim, Minas Gerais, ALLE embodies excellence, innovation, and reliability in its DNA, making us the largest company in Minas Gerais in the production of secondary aluminum alloys. As a reference in the national aluminum market, we offer our customers products that are recognized leaders in quality and reliability, contributing to the maintenance of our ecosystem, generating business opportunities for society, and promoting the circular economy.

By using infinitely recyclable raw materials, we deliver products to the market with a “green aluminum” footprint. We operate in various segments and produce liquid aluminum alloys, aluminum ingots, aluminum powder, deoxidizers in droplet form, granules, and extrusion billets. Guided by the most modern governance rules, ALLE ALUMINUM disseminates its code of ethics and conduct in all relationships, demonstrating and enforcing its values such as transparency, integrity, and fairness. To monitor compliance with these values, a rigorous compliance program accompanies our every step. At ALLE, we are driven by passion, delivering sustainable solutions, and always contributing to a better world.

For a lighter and more sustainable future, ALLE ALUMINUM pursues its purpose of promoting sustainability through environmental, social, and economic dimensions. At ALLE, we understand that ESG (Environmental, Social, and Governance) is not just a trend but an approach that transforms lives and contributes to a more sustainable and just world.

Investing in a better future for future generations, we seek tools that ensure and certify our commitment to value generation in the aluminum chain. In this sense, being ASI certified is part of our responsibility.

– Paulo Cesar Leal Bernardes, Industrial Manager

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