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ASI welcomes ALUFUN as new General Supporter member

ASI is pleased to announce that ALUFUN has joined as a new General Supporter member, bringing the total number of ASI Members to 187.


ALUFUN (SHANGHAI ALUFUN ADVANCED MATERIALS TECHNOLOGY CO.LTD) committed to explore, research and develop commercial interiors design in aluminum furniture industry. It mainly provides the services of design, manufacture, sale, lease, Installation, recycle and reuse aluminum products. Based on the core competency of innovative design and closed loop supply chain management, ALUFUN create an innovative business model in aluminum industry, which is the synergism of Leasing and Sale business model. It is aimed at building an ecological chain system of ALUFUN and helping the aluminum industry to achieve the goal of carbon neutral, energy conservation and pollution reduction.

“ALUFUN has been engaging in the circular and recycle economy of aluminum industry. With the application of our innovative leasing business model, it is beneficial for us to make proactive efforts to implement and support ASI commitment. Considering that sustainable development has becoming a compulsory and imperative task, joining the ASI is likely to help us to stick to this objective and enhance the influence of sustainability efforts in the aluminum value-chain”.

– William Yao, Executive Director and CEO

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