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9 May 2022

ASI is pleased to announce that Alumex PLC has joined as a new Production and Transformation member.

About Alumex PLC

Alumex PLC is Sri Lanka’s largest fully integrated manufacturer of Aluminium extrusion profiles & global proprietory systems under license. Since the company started commercial operations in 1988 it has been developed to operating across three manufacturing centres, with three extrusion lines, an anodizing line, three powder coating lines (one vertical) and an Aluminium recycling plant. Through these facilities, Alumex produces products not only under its own brand but also for few globally recognised proprietary brands around the world.
Widely respected as a pioneer and trusted leader in the local Aluminium industry, our unique portfolio and superior product performance, have steered our growth momentum in the international markets. At Alumex, our reputation for producing premier Aluminium extrusions have enabled us to make successful inroads globally, exporting to the UK, USA, Canada, New Zealand, Australia, Switzerland, Singapore, India, the Maldives, Nepal, Kenya, and Bangladesh. Today, we are driven by a philosophy of continuous innovation to deliver innovative Aluminium products, such as becoming the first manufacturer to establish a vertical powder coating plant in South Asia. While we continue to strengthen our global footprint, our penchant for quality has already placed us on the map as one of the best sourcing partners for international clients.

“The global Aluminium industry will take the right path towards achieving sustainable growth & development if it is supported by organizations like ASI. Thorough implementation and effective enforcement of sustainable practices, industry standards, policies and regulations will assist the global aluminium industry towards further developments and growth”.

– Pramuk Dediwela – Managing Director

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