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ASI welcomes Aluminij Industries as new Production & Transformation member

ASI is pleased to announce that Aluminij Industries has joined as a new Production & Transformation member, bringing the total number of ASI Members to 146.

About Aluminij Industries

Established in 1975, with an annual production capacity exceeding 130.000 metric tons, Aluminij has been Bosnia and Herzegovina’s largest exporter. With its state of the art equipment, strategic location and well-developed roads, railways and seaport lines, Aluminij is positioned as a leading European aluminum manufacturer with access to the European, Middle Eastern and Asian markets. Today, being part of M.T. Abraham Group, Aluminij is a Global Aluminum Leader.

Globally dispersed, our international partners, customers and suppliers, create a stable and firm network of alliances, enabling Aluminij to be a leading player in the global aluminum industry.

Aluminij’s biggest asset is the extensive experience and expertise its employees have gained over decades and which has been meticulously documented and preserved. From laboratories experts to production lines workers, generations of families have been devotedly working at Aluminij, creating its heritage, values and know-how.

As a pillar of Bosnia and Herzegovina’s manufacturing base and overall economy, we are committed to using durable and recyclable materials with a low carbon footprint. Our low-carbon Product Lifecycle Management meets our customers’ demand for environmentally responsible products. Our production processes consider all available measures from innovative solutions through to repurposing, reuse, and recycling.

– Mr. Amir Gross Kabiri, Chairman & CEO

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