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24 June 2024

ASI is pleased to announce that Aminco Resources LLC has joined as a new General Supporter member.

About Aminco Resources LLC

Established in 1986, Aminco Resources’ core focus is supplying carbon materials as well as complementary products such as aluminium flouride and crushed bath to the global primary aluminium industry. Importantly, Aminco works closely with its customer base in providing solutions encompassing the areas of logistics, financing and risk management, supplying carbon technology “know-how” to reduce raw material cost by improving carbon consumption. Aminco operates together with R&D Carbon Ltd of Switzerland to technically support production of our carbon products as well as to assist customers with optimising product consumption.

Aminco is looking forward to working with ASI members in supporting the sustainable development challenges facing the primary aluminium industry with a specific focus on reducing GHG emissions through improvements in net carbon consumption.

– Michael J. Wroniak, CEO

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