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3 May 2022

ASI is pleased to announce that AS Oxidwerke GmbH has joined as a new Production and Transformation member.

About AS Oxidwerke GmbH

AS Oxidwerke GmbH (ASO) is a salt slag recycling facility based in Southern Germany. In ASO’s recycling process salt slag is fully recycled into its components aluminium, salt and aluminium oxides which are subsequently sold as products on the respective markets.

“Salt slag recycling is a very crucial step in the recycling of aluminium and we believe it is important to do that in an utmost sustainable way. The ASI standards give reasonable and useful guidance in all aspects of sustainability. We are ASI Performance and CoC certfiied with our “sister” company StockachAlu and now we would like to close the circle.”

– Markus Wild, Managing Director AS Oxidwerke and StockachAlu

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