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18 April 2023

ASI is pleased to announce that ASHKHAR METALS FZE has joined as a new Production and Transformation member.


We are a secondary aluminium alloy producer established in the UAE for the past 17 years. We produce secondary aluminum alloys for the Middle East, Asian and North American market. We source our scrap from the Middle East and North American market.

We are currently working with die-casters and primary smelters to achieve their net-zero goals by using 100% scrap feedstock in our aluminium alloys.

We are interested to be part of the journey to improve the environmental, social and governance standards of our enterprise. We are currently implementing ESG standards at our manufacturing facility and would like to adapt to the ASI standards as well.

We aim to help the primary aluminium and downstream industries to achieve their net-zero target by providing aluminium feedstock with 100% recycled aluminium content.

Our objective is to help primary smelters and downstream users in achieving net zero target with 100% scrap content aluminium alloys. We are working to be the first ASI Standard approved secondary aluminium alloy producer in the Middle East.

– Deol Adhithia, Marketing Manager

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