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ASI welcomes Bathco AG as new General Supporter member

ASI is pleased to announce that Bathco AG has joined as a new General Supporter member, bringing the total number of ASI Members to 205.

About Bathco AG

Bathco has built an international reputation as a vital solution provider to the Aluminium industry for Bath Materials, critical raw materials and equipment used in Aluminium electrolysis. Our vision is to be the most reliable, high quality and resourceful partner for Aluminium related raw materials worldwide. Our unique industry position, extensive experience and global resources enable us to provide flexible, responsive solutions that are cost effective and easily managed while adhering to the highest standards of ethics, social responsibility and environmental impact.

"Bathco is at the forefront of upcycling materials from the Aluminium industry in an accountable and environmentally beneficial way. This is where we started, and where we continue to lead, develop and grow. We have no doubts about the responsibility we all share in driving sustainability, and we are delighted to support the ASI in their mission and initiatives."

– Andreas Waser, Chief Operating Officer

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