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21 June 2023

ASI is pleased to announce that CERAFLUX INDIA PRIVATE LIMITED has joined as a new Production and Transformation member.


Ceraflux India is the largest Indian manufacturer of a wide range of Metallurgical products for the non-ferrous industry. The product range includes Master Alloys, Fluxes, Degassing Tablets, Grain Refiners, Diecoats, Magremover Powder/Tablets, Non-wettable Refractory Shapes and Launder Coatings. We serve primary, secondary aluminium smelters, casting and alloy manufacturers through our fully equipped 3 manufacturing units located in the western part of India. The Company has grown multi-fold in the domestic market since its inception way back in 1995 with our commitment and continuous innovations. At the same time; we saw inorganic growth in the international market resulting in export to 14 countries; mainly, through dealers and distributors. We recently started penetrating international markets, and as a result, we on boarded a couple of key primary and secondary smelters. Our intent is to achieve strong and sustainable growth in the international market by becoming a technological partner. The range of Aluminium Master Alloys include Aluminium Titanium Boron (AlTiB)- Coil, Cast Rod, Aluminium Strontium, Aluminium Iron, Aluminium Titanium, Aluminium Silicon, Aluminium Manganese, Aluminium Magnesium, Aluminium Copper, Aluminium Zirconium, Aluminium Vanadium, Aluminium Boron, Aluminium Nickel.

We commend Ceraflux India Pvt. Ltd. for joining ASI. As members, we will be working towards the achievement of the ASI Performance Standard in due course. We celebrated the 25th / “Silver Jubilee” year in 2020 of strong and sustainable growth in the domestic market by delivering solutions and consistent support to the Indian Aluminium industry. We intend to replicate the same business model and philosophy to be able to build a strong international business; at the same time address the challenges faced in the area of sustainable development including carbon footprint reduction by way of developing a range of easily recyclable, innovative aluminium products. We took a first step by joining ASI. Our membership is a testimony to our deep commitment to comply with the concept of circular economy and aspirations for a climate neutral future. We will continue to make efforts and follow the ecosystem approach to environmental protection by considering the complex interrelations of the ecosystem.

– Sanjeev Tungatkar – Chairman and Managing Director

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