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15 December 2023

ASI is pleased to announce that Cromodora Wheels has joined as a new Industrial User member.

About Cromodora Wheels

Cromodora Wheels operates as a prominent manufacturer within the European Union market, specializing in the production of light alloy wheels for passenger cars. The company oversees the entire production process, commencing with engineering, progressing through tooling manufacturing, and culminating in the production of finished components from alloy ingots. Emphasizing a commitment to the premium market segment, Cromodora Wheels adheres rigorously to the high-quality standards required by original equipment manufacturers. The company operates from two distinct facilities: one situated in Italy, housing the engineering and commercial headquarters, and another in the Czech Republic.

In its dedication to sustainability, Cromodora Wheels would align itself with the Aluminium Stewardship Initiative, marking a pivotal stride in the company’s pursuit of environmental improvement.

– Nemanja Kovacevic, ESG Manager

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