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ASI welcomes C.S. Aluminium Corporation as Production & Transformation member

ASI is pleased to announce that C.S. Aluminium Corporation has joined ASI as a Production & Transformation member, bringing the total number of members working toward a responsible aluminium value chain to 83.

C.S. Aluminium Corporation (CSAC) is the largest manufacturer of rolled aluminium products in Taiwan. It mainly produces high quality aluminium and zinc cast products such as aluminium plates, rolls, sheets, foil, zinc alloy ingots, zinc anodes for electroplating, and hot-dip zinc ingots. Its core competitiveness regarding quality, delivery, costs, and services will be strengthened to expand its sales and distribution channels so that it can continue to maintain its competitive advantage and become an excellent international aluminium company in East Asia.

“It’s the great honor to join ASI as fully integrated aluminum company. Under a clear set of rules regulated by ASI, CSAC can continuously make our contribution to the sustainability of Aluminum Value Chain, which is in accordance with our corporate governance. We are confident to provide our partners/customers products with responsible production process.”

-Mr. Chin, representative of CSAC

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