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10 November 2022

ASI is pleased to announce that CSMET Group Co. , Ltd. has joined as a new Production and Transformation member.

About CSMET Group Co. , Ltd.

CSMET Group Co., Ltd. is a group enterprise specialising in R & D, manufacturing, sales and trade of low-carbon aluminium alloy, including aluminium alloy liquid and aluminium alloy ingot. In 2012, CSMET innovated the product mode, developed the aluminium liquid direct supply mode, and took the lead to realize the long-distance aluminium liquid direct supply, which is the largest aluminium liquid direct supply domestic market share enterprise.

In addition, CSMET self-developed a smelting furnace for many customers to provide smelting custody services and on-site scrap closed-loop recovery. Through leading research and development to replace steel with high strength and toughness aluminium, high heat conduction aluminium alloy, and Alcoa exclusive cooperation patent new materials, CSMET group has become the supplier of many car companies.

CSMET Group Co. , Ltd. is a group enterprise specialized in the research and development, manufacture, sales and trade of low-carbon aluminum alloy. Our vision is to be a leader in the application of low-carbon aluminum alloys, continuing to enhance technical strength to uphold the spirit of altruism, to seek benefits for customers with “Green development” as the core of the enterprise, and to provide strength for the green low-carbon circular development of the economic system.

– Cheng Shuai, Chairman of the group

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