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31 October 2022

ASI is pleased to announce that Daiki Aluminium Industry has joined as a new Production and Transformation member.

About Daiki Aluminium Industry

Daiki Aluminium, a pioneer in the Japanese secondary aluminium industry, has promoted and expanded its business in the recycling loop all over the world since its foundation in 1922.

Our main businesses are the manufacturing and sale of secondary aluminium alloys; the collection, sorting, and distribution of aluminium scrap; the manufacturing of aluminium die cast parts; and the design, manufacturing, and sale of aluminium melting furnaces and holding furnaces.

We declare in our action guidelines that we always prioritize our customer’s needs more than anything and solve their situation. Through the procurement of materials and melting technologies based on our unique technical capabilities, as well as the development of new alloys, we are expanding value creation in aluminium recycling.

Since its foundation 100 years ago, our Group has been recycling aluminium as its core business. This recycling loop is expected to expand beyond the distribution of aluminium and grow into a larger loop that also involves other issues, such as the human rights of stakeholders and the environment. We hope to make the aluminium recycling supply chain we have established together with you responsible and more sustainable through our participation in ASI.

– Shigenori Hayashi, Vice President and Representative Director and Executive Officer

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